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If you want to be a well-known person what do you have to do?

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It is quite easy to become a well-known person in Turkey.Especially when you do something absurd.You can be a well-known person by protesting somebod or striking.However,to become a well-known person
first of all you need to have some gift or talents in some fields.Of course,there are people who don't hale talents but they become famous.You need to have,for example,a nice voice,or an ability to act well.The most famous people are singers or actors,or you can be a well-known person by playing football in a famous football team.So most footballers are also very famous and popular.

On the other hand,there are other ways of becoming well-known.For example,some time ago there was a woman who put off her clothes in front of the Great National Assembly.She became famous a limited time.And there are also strange methods apart from putting the her clothes off.

While most people carry out some actions to be famous,there are some cases in which people can easily ve recognized and become well-known.For example,there is a famous singer who was a construction worker.He was noticed by the managers while he was singing at work

There is also one more group of people who are famous They are models.They really live in high standart of life and earn a lot.To be a well-known model,ofcourse,you essentially need a goog appearance and body.

Since there are a lot of ways of becoming well-known,we can add one more methos.If you are interested in politics,you may become a famous person.

In my opinion,people who want to be well-known don't need to do a lot of things but it is necessarry to be an honest person.

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