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Talles Living Woman
Sandy Allen was a 2.95-kg (6.5lb) baby,and her abnormal growth began soon after her birth in June 1955. By the age of 10 she stood 1.905 m (6 ft 3) takk , and was 2.16 m (7 ft 1 in) by 16 years old.Sabs gad a dream to break free of a world .that she felt she had outgrown. In her first letter to Guinness World Records in 1974 she wrote "U would likte to get to know someone that is approximately my height . It is needless to say my social life is practically nil and perhaps the publicity from your book may brighten my life."The accolade did help to bring about a reversal of fortunes the indiana secretary .First ,there was an offer from film director Federico Fellini to take a role in his film Casanova in 1975,and then her first date with a 7-ft lllionis man.On July 14,1977,she went into hospital for a pituitary gland operation to stop furthe
r growth.Nowadays poor circulation and weak leg myscles mean she is dependent on a wheel chair.
Worst Road Accident
According to offical figures issued by the afghan govemment, 176 people died when a petrol tanker exploded inside the Salang Tunnel,Afganistan ,on November 3,1982. Little is known about the tragedy , but it`s thought that the explosion was caused by a collision between a gasoline tanker and vehicles carrying Soviet troops .Despite the offical death count,it is thought in excess of 1,000 Afghan civilians and Soviet soldiers lost their lives .
Highest Flying Propeller -Driven Aircraft
Records are always being broken , and Pathfinder`s altitude of over 24,383 m (80,000 ft) was smashed on August 13,2001.The new rcord fot her highest ever altitude reached by a propleller-driven aircraft is now 29,413 m (96,500 ft) by the unmanned , solar-powered Helios Prototype flying wing. The flight took place over the Hawaiin Usland of kauai.
Commissioned by NASA and developed by Aerovironment Inc. of Monrovia , California ,USA.
Helios is one of a new breed of slow-flying . high-altitude aircraft that its makers believe will present a viable alternative to communications satellites in the future.
Paul MacCready founded AeroVironment in 1971 and developed the first ultra light human powered (using foot pedals) airplane . He also worked on the Gossamer Albatross,which made the first human-powered flight across the English Channel in 1979.Aerovironment - which also created Pathfinder-hope future aircraft will be able to remain in the air for months at a time by storing solar energy in batteries during daytime flight.
Aircraft before Helios have undertaken many environmental missions including monitoring forest regowth after damage coused by Hurricane Iniki in 1992,sedimental concentrations in coastal waters,and assesment of coral reef health . Ther could also be used to monitor majpr croplands,forests and other large , remote expanses to provide early warning of crop damage of fires .
1.Solar-powered car - the highest speed attained by a solar-powered car is 78.39km/h (48.71mph)by molly brennan driving the GM Suncraycer at Mesa ,Arizona ,USA on June 24,1988.
2.Solar-powered ferry - invented by Australian Robert Dane . Its solar wings-fiberglass panels-act as sails while absorbing sunlight and storing solar energy in batteries that power the ferry electric motor.
3.Solar-powered barbecue - these next generation barbecues are made from highly reflective material which focuses the sun`s rays on the food.
4.Solar-powered radio-hand-crank powered radios are also avaible .
5.Solar-powered fountain - can create a fountain 18-in high in bright sunshine.
Heaviest Nuclear Bomb
The heaviest known nuclear bomb in operational service was the Mk 17 carried by US B-36 bombers in the mid 1950s.It weighed 19,050 kg (42,000 lb) and was 7.47 m (24 ft 6 in) long. The bomb had the dubious distinction of being involved in a "Broken Arrow" lost nuke incident in 1957,when a Mk 17 accidentally fell from a B-36 near albuquerque , New Mexico .
The Bombs high explosive components detonated upon landing but thankfully this did not trigger a nuclear explosion.
Bloodiest War
The most costly war in terms of human life was World War II , in which the total number of fatalities , including battle deaths and civilians of all countries is estimated to have been 56.4 million . The Country which suffered most in proportion to its population was Poland,witch 6,028,000 deaths , equivalent to 17.2 % of its population . The Soviet Union lost an estimated 26.6 million of its citizens .
Highest Earnings For a Novelist
Stephen King has come along way since , as a 12 year old boy , he and his adopted brother David started a local newspaper that sold for five cents an issue . He met his wife at university and ther now have three children - Owen Jo and Naomi . King suffers from Macular Degeneration an incurable disease that can lead to blindness .
How do you become a successfull writer like Stephen King? First you need to come up with an idea and decide on a thrilling plot . Choose your characters - most good stories have some element of conflict - so you will need a good guy and a nasty villain to be the enemy . You can give your hero some flaws to make him human , but make sure he`s likeable or your readers just won`t be interested in what happends to him .
You have got to set the books scene and then you need to develop the plot . An unexpected ending with a clever twist always makes for a good read !
When King was three-years old his dad, a merchant seaman , went out to buy a packet of cigarettes and never came back . Some say this inspired King to pu pen to paper , and at the age of seven he had completed his first short story .
Most Polluted Major City
Mexico City is classifed as having a serious air pollution problem . Acute levels of sulfur dioxide , suspended particulate matter , carbon monoxide i ozone are present in the city s air in volumes that exceed World Health Organization guidelines by more than a factor of two . There is also moderate to heavy pollution of lead and nitrogen dioxide .
Beijing is ranked a very close second to Mexico City according to World Bank figures for 1998.
Xlan is rated third and New Delhi the fourth most polluted city in the world .
Lowest Recorded Ozone Layer Levels
Ozone levels reached a record low between October 9 and 14 , 1993 over the South Pole in Antartica During this period an average figure of 91 dobson units (the standard unit for gauging atmospheric ozone)was recorded . This compares to the 300 Dobson units considered sufficient to shield the Earth from solar ultraviolet radiation and sustain biological systems . The ozone layers depletion was due mainly to the use of CFCs (a gas often found in aerosos)- but the consumption of CFCs has recently declined rapidly , which will hopefully result in the regeneration of the ozone layer .
Most Mid-Air Skateboard Rotations
For most skaters , the "900" is a pipe dream ...
in both senses ! Tony Hawk became the first person to achieve this trickiest of tricks on his 11th attempt at the 1999 X Games in San Fransisco,
California . The trick involves getting good air from the ramp , rotating two and a half times , then executing a smooth landing.
Few people would question Tony Hawk`s status as the greatest skater ever . Boarding since he was nine ,Tony turned pro at he age of 14 since then , he`s taken part in over 100 proffessinal contests winning the vast majority of them.
Along the way he`s invented dozens of unique stunts , which fellow skaters have rushed to copy .
He`s made a fortune,lost it and won it back again .Now retired from competitive skating , Hawk`s name can be found on boards , clothes and computer games not bad for a kid whos admits , " I never thought that I could make a career out of skateboarding" !
Smallest House
Real estate agents would probably describe it as "cosy" and "streamlined". but there`s no getting round the fact that this house is tiny ! With its most modern feature being a simple faucet,this Quayside cottage offered the ultimate in simple living. But when the owner got caught short he had to make a dash for the outside lavatory,
because the house was too small even for a bathroom ! Today , the house is a major (and minor!) tourist attraction .

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